Cut the Rope: Magic

Do you know cute Om-Nom? This is a lovely creature that cannot live without adventures. So if you want to interact with him again, it is new enjoyable entertainment with this humorous monster. What has this clumsy creature prepared for you this time? The character is a true sweet tooth. And he wants to reach all the sweets around. All these treats are hanging on the rope, and the protagonist just needs to cut the rope correctly to get it. But every time, it is a puzzle you need to solve to reach your goal. Without logical thinking, you will quickly fail. Do you have enough wits to tackle this hurdle? Om-Nom will be thankful for your support!

Use magic to win!

The gameplay in this new adventure is similar to the gameplay of all previous chapters. But now you will have a new power! And it is magic! By pressing a button, you can transform Om-Nom into different animals. He can easily change his size by becoming a bird or a mouse. And after each transformation, he will have special unique skills. If you manage to successfully complete a level, you will get rewards. These are starts and other objects. Play in different environments and find clues to even the trickiest puzzles. Do not get upset if you feel you do not know where to move – the game offers enough hints and help. This brain-teasing adventure will bring you a lot of positive moments and fun and also enhance your thinking skills. Do not miss to enjoy it!

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