DEEEER Simulator

Prepare yourself for the quirkiest adventure you have ever experienced. In Deeeer Simulator, you will step into the shoes of a whimsical character and traverse a virtual world. Your hero is a weird deer, an energetic and restless persona ready to unleash chaos and mischief in the most unconventional ways. Even if the activity sounds a bit strange, it promises a lot of fun. So it is worth testing! All you need is the courage to implement all your insane ideas!

Your protagonist has some hilarious powers!

Now, let’s see what your hero can do. This cute deer will surely surprise you! He can stretch his neck and soar through the air propelled by rocket-powered hooves. These intriguing powers serve one purpose – he is going to create endless chaos around. You can make him jump, kick, headbutt, and even throw objects with unexpected consequences. Experiment without a stop until you see how all his skills work in reality. The simulator offers a lot of thrilling locations. You can travel with your deer across cities and in the wild nature. There are always enough possibilities for mischief no matter where you are. Every round brings a list of missions to complete. If you succeed, you will unlock new powers for your personage. Moreover, you can customize this lovely deer to make him look unique. Immerse yourself fully in this unconventional simulator, where laughter will become your companion!

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