Dream Restaurant

Always wanted to have a restaurant of your own? In this game, you’re not just a chef – you’re a culinary maestro who can whip up just about any dish to the pickiest taste. Are you ready to kick off that Dream Restaurant of yours? Then prep your place for a grand opening, put on your best suit, don your apron and let’s go!

Can you manage a whole restaurant?

So, the first thing you need to take care of is the menu. And at first, you won’t have much to go with. But the secret is cooking it all to perfection! The tastier the food, the prompter it’s served the better your reputation. There is nothing more efficient for promoting your establishment than word of mouth. So make sure your customers leave happy and full!

Besides, as you earn money and drum in more and more visitors, you’ll be able to significantly expand your culinary expertise by unlocking new recipes and upgrading your kitchen utensils. Think less cooking time and less risk of messing the dish up!

But it’s not just about cooking well. You also have to make sure the place is cozy and nice so that people wanna come back again and again. Comfy chairs, clean tables, chill music – all that matters, too. They say devil’s in the detail, and that goes for restaurant business as well!

Finally, the key is also to manage your finances wisely. If you spend too much on buying that state-of-the-art cooking surface you’ve long been eyeing, but have nothing left to ensure steady supply of fresh veggies, you won’t go far. Keep all these nuances in mind, and let your Dream Restaurant thrive and shine!

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