Duck Life Adventure

This addictive point-and-click adventure is a new episode in the cook Duck Life series. You enjoy it online absolutely for free. The entertainment is fully devoted to ducks. So are you interested to give it a try? At first, you are offered to customize your cute little duckling. You are even to come up with a name for your personage. Then, your exciting story begins! You start the career of a superstar athlete. But to become famous, you will need to work hard and participate in various sports. You can choose the activity to your liking – it can be fighting or racing. Interact with other ducks and collect coins to buy useful things.

Pump your personage!

The main thing is to continuously evolve. You need to participate in endless battles, earn points and upgrade your duck. You are offered to explore a huge gaming world. Here you will complete endless quests, play mini-games, and accumulate points. You can visit an in-game story and exchange your points for various equipment elements for your protagonist. You can master 8 unique skills to defeat anyone who dares to emerge on your path. Do not forget that your personage is super ambitious. Maybe in real life ducks are not the best fighters. But in this virtual world, things are absolutely different. So help your duck to prove his superiority! The game will be enjoyable for both kids and adults. Make sure you will assume this cool role and have lots of fun!

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