Haunt The House

In this online entertainment, you will step into the shoes of a ghost, a role that may be entirely new for most players. The objective is quite evident – you will haunt people. Not a usual task, right? You are in a house filled with annoying people. And your mission is to scare them to death. So you are to create an eerie atmosphere and force them to run away in fear. You will deal with 30 individuals who seem to have gathered for a party. It is your chance to make their night unforgettable. They should free in panic, forgetting about your house forever!

Possess things and create chaos!

Your hero can take control of various objects throughout the house. You can click on the chandelier to set it swinging ominously or hide within a drawer, ready to leap out when someone comes close. The more havoc you create, the more thrilling elements and features you will unlock. Your mission is to work tirelessly until you get rid of these unwelcome guests. You will laugh a lot observing people’s reactions to your eerie tricks. You can possess virtually anything, even seemingly innocent items like dolls or books. Alternatively, you can slip into a mirror and startle someone with a terrible reflection. There are myriad ways to attack its occupants in the most thrilling manner possible. Just use your imagination to create the most terrifying atmosphere in every room you visit. Earn points and unlock new objects you may interact with.

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