House of Hazards

Are you looking for entertainment that allows you to share fun with friends? Then it is House of Hazards! What is that all about? The plot is about a group of friends who decided to penetrate the house of a scientist and have some fun. But they do not know yet that the fun is really going to be incredible and even nightmarish. When the heroes get inside, they literally find themselves in trouble. The thing is that the owner of the house has prepared well for a visit of uninvited guests! He is cunning enough to set multiple traps across all rooms and corridors! Now, the heroes need to be really inventive to get out of here without being trapped!

Will you avoid all the traps?

Once you are inside this house, you will immediately understand why the developers have chosen this title for the game. The hazards are everywhere! You will have to move on slippery floors, maneuver between laser beams. Each time you start a new level, you will have to go through a separate challenge! Besides, you are to move at a crazy speed if you want to leave the place safely. You literally cannot predict what trial awaits you in the next episode. This random nature of the hazards keeps you continuously on the alert, and it is simple impossible to get bored! Besides, you can experiment with customization options to make it more enjoyable. Have lots of fun in this thrilling house full of evil surprises! Play it alone or with friends!

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