Monkey Market

In this adventure, you play for a little monkey who want to realize his entrepreneurial talents. So the protagonist decides to open a mini market where he would sell different goods. But this is a serious project that requires hard work and control. Are you ready to support the personage in this beginning? You know well that the market needs to offer a rich assortment of goods. So, your monkey will have to plant and harvest fruits and vegetables, and then to place them on the shelves. One of the main tasks is to keep your market full of different products to continuously attract visitors.

Compete tasks and expand your business.

The game will continuously give you a list of tasks to complete. If you do everything properly, you will unlock new features. What are these? First of all, this is a range of goods you can sell. The progress will allow you to offer new items to your customers. Besides, you will be able to expand the space of your mini market. The key idea is to make your business bring you profit and gradually transform it into a prosperous supermarket. There are no limits to perfection. You can keep developing as long as you wish. The simulator allows you to build a whole empire. Do not forget that you can hire assistants to help you manage a growing list of errands. Will you manage to create the best market in the neighborhood? Even kids will be able to master the basics and enjoy this activity.

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