Papa’s Burgeria To Go!

Making burgers doesn’t seem to be particularly hard. Until you launch Papa’s Burger To Go! Here, just any burger doesn’t go – you need to make it perfect and irresistible. Each one of them! So grab your spatula and let’s get started!

Cook it, baby!

Things are about to go hectic in Papa’s Burgeria that’s always full of hungry and picky customers. You’ll be frying up golden, crispy french fries and crafting perfect onion rings that’ll make mouths water. You’ll start with the basic recipes, but as you progress through the game, you’ll be able to hone your burger-making skills and learn all the fine nuances of the craft. Special sauces, unique combinations of toppings and even customized buns – it’s like being a mad scientist in the kitchen!

Become a burger pro!

But it’s not just about making those burgers right – you have to make it on time, and the order mill runs wild in this game. Good cooking and good timing equates steady income and lavish tips that can be spent on upgrading your kitchen. Buy new utensils and equipment, streamline the burger-making process and watch your establishment grow as word of mouth travels around the neighborhood drumming up more and more visitors! Good luck!

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