Papa’s Scooperia

Papa Louie has always been enthusiastic about trying something new and expanding his culinary expertise. And this time he is about to open an ice-cream shop! You’ll be right there, helping him all the way and picking up bits of his culinary wisdom to come up with your own amazing ice-cream recipes that won’t leave anyone indifferent!

Learn all about ice-cream!

From the moment you step foot in that frozen wonderland, you’re in for a whirlwind of crazy orders and sweet creations. It’s like becoming the conductor of an ice cream symphony! The customers come in all flavors and personalities, each with their own unique preferences. You’ll have the chocolate lovers, the strawberry fanatics, and those who want a mix of every flavor known to mankind in their waffle cone.

Experiment, mix flavors and have fun!

And let’s not forget about those special orders! Papa’s Scooperia isn’t just about scooping ice cream; it’s about crafting delectable desserts that’ll make hearts melt. You’ll be swirling flavors together, creating custom blends that’ll make heads spin. It’s like a swirl of sweet madness, where each order becomes a work of art in a cone. So dive right in and scoop up that sugary goodness!

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