Pou Online

Pets are always a nice idea. If you cannot get it in real life due to different reasons, do not get upset. Meanwhile, you can have a lot of fun with an online pet in this entertainment. But to your surprise, it will not be a cat or a dog. This time, your virtual friend is a fantastic creature that looks like a potato. Your new pet is absolutely helpless without you. So you are now responsible for this cute being. Are you ready for this role? Then let’s get started!

Make your Pou happy!

The adorable creature now fully depends on you. It means that you have to feed it, shower it from time to time, and watch it to go to bed in time. Pou is always hungry. So make sure you collect coins and buy enough food for this character. But do your best to keep a balance – if Pou eats too much, it will immediately gain extra weight. So do not forget about physical activity of your hero. You must take it for a walk every day. And not only this. You are encouraged to play jumping games with your pet. In these activities, your virtual friend must jump from platform to platform without falling down. There are a lot of cool things you can do together. The main point is to make Pou healthy and happy. Complete endless tasks together and arrange cozy space for Pou. Your pet must grow in a lovely atmosphere. Whether you are a child or an adult, you will enjoy this kind entertainment. Keep playing and unlock new tasks and improvements for more fun. Build a strong connection with lovely protagonist!

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