Red Ball Forever 2

Have you already missed cute Red Ball? He comes back in a new installment of the series. What are you supposed to do in this new episode? As you know very well this hero is restless and adventurous. And, of course, he will take you on a new challenge. This time, the brave character is determined to protect the planet from evil monsters. These creatures are intended to destroy it, but Red Ball cannot allow it to happen. He is ready to meet these enemies face-to-face in an uneven confrontation. You must join this courageous protagonist to support him in critical situations. Are you ready to prove your agility works flawlessly? It is time to focus on the screen and start the first level!

Collect coins and move forward!

How can Red Ball defeat the evil invaders? He will need to collect a set of keys to deal with opponents. And where to look for the keys? You will be able to receive them after successful completion of each level. But every time you start a new level, you will need to guide your hero through a serious obstacle course. Red Ball may be lethally injured every moment if you allow him to move randomly. Help him roll smoothly along the path and let him avoid sharp objects and deadly traps. You will need to demonstrate exceptional attentiveness to succeed. And note that every new level comes with more trials! Make sure your personage copes with all of them with no issues – you have already helped him so many time, so do not let him down now!

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