Super Bunny Man

In this platformer entertainment, you will gain a really amusing experience. The storyline adds a touch of humor, as you find yourself engaging with floppy and bouncy bunnies across a series of challenging levels. According to the narrative, you take command of two giant bunnies, named Bunny Man and Bunny Girl. Whether you opt for solo play or decide to share the fun with a friend, your mission in this adventure is to successfully navigate a multitude of levels full of diverse obstacles and physics-based challenges. To accomplish this, you must acquaint yourself with the unique abilities of your bunny protagonists and use them effectively. They can jump, roll, and grasp objects to reach the end of each level. Some of these maneuvers might appear comical, but that is the main attraction of the game.

There are a lot of maps to enjoy!

You will have the opportunity to explore various settings. Regardless of the map you choose, it is full of unexpected details. You will have to deal with sharp spikes, moving platforms, rotating blades, and an array of other treacherous obstacles. Players will need to be really inventive to master the control of these clumsy ragdolls. You are absolutely to experiment as much as you wish and watch your characters run, tumble, and get up to continue their somewhat awkward journey. This gameplay guarantees a decent dose of positive emotions and lighthearted fun.

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